April 13

One in Thirty girls to Propose on Leap Year


Some say that the custom of women proposing to their lovers started in 5th century Ireland, however in 2016 it is clearly going strong as nearly one in 30 UNITED KINGDOM ladies in connections are forecasted to take-charge while making one particular with this step 12 months on February 29th.

According to our very own study, a considerable wide range of female leap 12 months proposals will occur in 2016, with three percent of females who are currently internet dating or even in a commitment stating that they anticipate swallowing practical question with their partner regarding 29th February – roughly the same as 148,000 women nationwide.

This Leap 12 months time one eHarmony achievements couple are bringing the step of trust – live on TV!

Watch Caroline pop music the question to lover Neal using the internet now!

Varying views occur on what this custom began, but numerous attribute the custom to 5th century Ireland, whenever St. Brigid complained to St. Patrick that women needed to hold off too much time for men to suggest. She proposed that ladies can put issue as well and also in change, St. Patrick suggested that proposals needs to be permitted on ‘leap days‘.

Despite this, when searching beyond leap day, the number of married or engaged women that proposed to their lover remains relatively reasonable, with men getting single duty for almost three quarters of wedding proposals in general.

However, viewpoints regarding issue tend to be slowly changing – significantly more than a 3rd of Brits concur that women have actually just as much proper as males to put the question. Surprisingly, even more men than woman agree with this aspect. Not all stereotypes happen completely eroded however, as among women, nearly a 3rd nonetheless believe it really is a person’s work to suggest.

Nevertheless fact that some females would never start thinking about obtaining down on one knee can also trigger negative effects as almost 2.5 million guys believe women put continuously stress on the some other halves to suggest. Despite this, only 4per cent of women confess to asking or hinting with regards to their spouse to put practical question.

With the force involved with suggesting to someone, one in five (22per cent) lovers made a decision to get rid of the method entirely, producing a shared choice to have married alternatively. A tenth (11percent) men and women also think proposing is an outdated idea – with this particular viewpoint as probably be used by over-55s as it is younger folks.


This March 29th, eHarmony.co.uk included its very first ever before live broadcast suggestion honoring leap season, which watched Caroline propose to the woman partner on real time TV with a bit of assistance from eHarmony. See on line today!

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