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Top 20 Handy Tools For Remote Teamwork


A predicament that is easily solved by Joan’s meeting room booking solutions. Uniting more than one perspective, teammates can learn from one another, growing in their fields. Veteran employees can share their knowledge and experience while new employees contribute fresh perspectives. Working in teams remotely in normal times can be challenging. Working in teams remotely in the middle of a pandemic is bound to amplify some of these stresses. Consider appointing a team coordinator who would be responsible for making sure that important remote teamwork logistics happen.

remote teamwork

You can easily find a lot of strategies and how-tos describing ways to enhance employees’ performance and boost productivity. Technology can shorten the physical and time distance and help teams stay connected. They may be a skilled employee who https://globalcloudteam.com/ works well in an in-office environment, but they may not thrive as they work from home. Leaders have the challenging task during interviews of asking the right questions to weed out those who may not be right for remote work arrangements.

Leading Teams Forward, Advised By Gallup Remote Work Trends

Happier employees are more productive and engaged in the work they do, so leaders have that to look forward to with a remote team. If leaders thought communication was important before, remote groups have an even greater necessity for it. Managing contracts, software packages, work times, time zones, and company retreats and events are all factors leaders have to watch out for. Even though this can be a difficult task, there are a lot of advantages to managing a remote team. This a just a small fraction of ideas your team can run with to build remote team culture and employee engagement.

We were fortunate that we had several opportunities to show off our stuff as we built it. Our scrum master started a show and tell session that was invaluable for discussing new ideas! Our initial discovery on what to use brought out a zoo of options (Jenkins, Selenium, etc.) that we had to sort through. We approached this decision by comparing and scoring each to how well they answered each of our initial questions. After lots of reading and searching, we were able to come to a decision #Ambitious-learners. We liked our docker image because it allowed us to easily add in more dependencies as we matured our solution .

Project Management Tools

Hypercontext is a freemium product with a free forever version, a Pro plan, which is $7/user/month, and a Business plan priced at $11/user/month. Small teams of up to five can take advantage of their starter team pack priced at US$5/month total for the first five users. The most popular Professional package costs $45 per user per month. Ekran System is an advanced insider threat detection tool for businesses of any size. It can record all remote, terminal, local user sessions and notify your security department about any suspicious activities. Help employees navigate the evolving workplace with a reboarding strategy based on the five drivers of organizational culture.

remote teamwork

Getting the correct drivers and libraries for Robot Framework was the tricky part, and it took several tries to get it right. We don’t want to tell all of our secrets ;)Crafting the message was a fascinating exercise. We ran several iterations trying to have git summarize the differences, how to build culture in a remote team but we would get far too much information or far too little in any case. In the end, we opted to have a branch created automatically on failure, which showed the differences in our repository’s UI. Finally, understanding the pass and failure modes of our script went a long way.

Offer Volunteer Opportunities Outside The Office

Since you only have a screen width to do team building activities, sometimes it calls for a little creativity. Think up some team bonding activities that you can scale down to fit a screen, like a tiny desk campfire, where you roast marshmallows over a fire and tell stories. Brainstorm with your team, and you’ll likely come up with a number of creative ideas on how to shrink team activities to fit the remote screen.

  • To do this, managers need to encourage their employees to be active in their community while setting an example to follow.
  • Help employees navigate the evolving workplace with a reboarding strategy based on the five drivers of organizational culture.
  • The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to manage work, prioritize tasks, and share files.
  • CandyCrush that just require employees to own a smartphone or tablet and sign up.
  • Employee Experience Analyze and improve the experiences across your employee life cycle, so your people and organization can thrive.
  • Technology can shorten the physical and time distance and help teams stay connected.

The best way to recreate the in-office experience is to encourage ad-hoc meetings or phone calls. Teams across the network’s seven locations were experiencing different degrees of lockdown. With many agents working remotely, it was harder to track how other team members or the company as a whole were doing.

There are a number of platforms out there to help teams promote and reach fundraising goals. Pick an organization and encourage your team to donate what they can to help reach a collective goal. You can even drive incentives by offering a corporate matching program. Your employees will enjoy showing off their deep knowledge of a topic and may even learn something new. There are about a million different directions you could go with video challenges. From music video recreations to work out competitions, your team can have a load of fun getting creative with video challenge ideas.

Strategies For Effective Teamwork And Collaboration

By submitting this newsletter request, I consent to Slack US sending me marketing communication via email. Even online gaming nights work, if your crew is into that—just remember not to exclude team members who might not own the same consoles or equipment.

Team collaboration is important for a reason – it delivers results. But what are the keys to making team collaboration more effective for your company? It’s important to build teamwork and engagement through accountability, transparency, communication, and above all, trust. To improve employee engagement and keep motivation up, when someone does a great job, make sure to share that with the team.

Our team has gone through a great deal of learning over the last year working remotely — learning how to communicate best, retain strong involvement internally, and tackle technical challenges. Despite the global situation, we have made fantastic progress in many areas and solved many complex problems. This article will tell you a story about one such problem that I hope will add value to your team in this remote world.

When remote team members are in town, prioritize activities that can take place outside the office, be it team dinners or outings. With your remote cohort in the office, also try an in-person team-building activity. Focus on activities that will maximize your time together in the same place. She also makes it known that everyone’s ideas and opinions are valued in her efforts to cultivate psychological safety, by providing a safe space to debate and disagree. Since communication cannot be done in person, virtual teams learn to communicate more deliberately since they cannot simply tap a co-worker on the shoulder.

ProProfs Project is an online project management and collaboration software platform, allowing teams across the globe to collaborate and finish projects on time and within budget. The software provides a 360-degree view of the project from a single dashboard. Hubstaff is a versatile working time meter for managing field or remote teams.

Instead, Krizmancic feels hybrid workspaces will be the office spaces of the future. In fact, they’ll be key hubs for collaboration and teamwork. In concept, teammates will commute to the office once or twice a week, generate ideas as a whole, and trading perspectives.

Embrace And Get To Know Each Others Remote Lives

FactoHR is a unified hire-to-retire solution that manages all the processes related to the workforce with its simplified and automated features in the remote working environment as well. Its primary motive is to help employers and employees perform their jobs in the best possible manner to get more productive results. With Hubstaff, you can maximize the efficiency of your remote team to better allocate your time/resources and understand who in your team needs help.

Create a digital space for celebration.Give employees an informal place to congratulate and celebrate each other, whether it’s sharing birthday GIFs or using a formal HR tool for giving kudos. As Wade Foster, co-founder and CEO of Zapier, explains in this great post, there are certain qualities and skills that become critical when you work remotely. He insists on hiring people who can work on projects without a lot of oversight.

Play Online Games

You also need to learn how to interact in different time zones, keep track of your work time, be able to retain and motivate your employees. Using explainer videos can help communicate a new idea or process to your remote coworkers. It’s a dedicated space for recurring touchpoints where employees and managers can exchange feedback, document decisions, and track goals, all while driving engagement up across the company. Help your remote support team track tickets in real time with a shared dashboard.

Here are some ideas for remote team building through philanthropy. While teams may know when a remote employee embarks on an adventure, it can be difficult for members across the company to know when a remote employee is gone. Doing so will encourage others to take vacation and seek out new places to visit with some tips from trusted sources. Because remote team-building activities can only go so far, try to get the whole crew together once in a while if possible.

Improve Your Team Communication With Chanty

Not every business adapts well to this regime, and not all companies have a positive experience working from home during the pandemic. Given the challenges of working in teams remotely, you may need to have more difficult conversations with your team. Make your data dashboard more accessible by connecting it to Slack. Remote or out-of-office team members will be able to quickly and easily check their data wherever they are, using an application they’re already familiar with.

Scalefusion is a device and endpoint management solution designed to help businesses streamline their remote and mobility management. It is a comprehensive solution that offers IT admins of organizations a unified dashboard to automate and execute an extensive range of IT operations. Airfocus allows making priorities clear by presenting them in the form of a timeline. With software like Airfocus it becomes much easier to prioritize projects and understand how the little tasks on your plate contribute to the big picture of what you need to get done.

Afterward, the teammates will go back home and work on the same ideas until the end of the week. During the pandemic, roughly 65 percent of adults experienced an increase of loneliness. Isolated living conditions along with remote work conditions are a recipe to make people feel alone and cut off from their teams. Encourage a norm of no multitasking on activities not related to the meeting.

Built In is the online community for startups and tech companies. Use our template to seamlessly calculate your own employee retention rate. CandyCrush that just require employees to own a smartphone or tablet and sign up. Employee development opportunities are highly sought after by job seekers and could distinguish your company as an employer of choice.

Companies were forced to switch to remote mode, despite the fact that many of them doubted its effectiveness. Some of the world’s top CHROs question the value of measuring employee productivity. When employees want to work from home, a generic hybrid model is not the answer. Education Insights Our applicable and actionable best practices for education leaders. Education Solutions Learn how to improve your students’ development and engagement so they can thrive in and out of the classroom. CliftonStrengths Solutions Learn how to use the CliftonStrengths assessment and strengths-based development to accomplish your goals.

Start off meetings by giving people a chance to share how they are doing. It connected Zendesk, Google Analytics, and other data collection tools to Slack, but that still meant team members had to sort through data from multiple sources to find the metrics they needed. Each team needed to be able to see a snapshot of their key metrics for the day. To promote transparency, I suggest using shared virtual boards and views to monitor the team’s progress. Track how much time the meetings are taking from the team’s daily work. Although it seems fantastic (and it is!), remote work brings in challenges that affect both the individual and the team as a whole.


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